Mind Map Tips – How to Increase Your Potential

When you try your hand at creating and using a mind map for the very first time, chances are you’ll never look the same was at studying and interpretation processes again. It’s frankly quite jaw-dropping just how much power the mind map has, as is the way in which it works perfectly with the assimilation habits of the human brain – a million miles from standard lists, notes and research techniques.

However, there’s always room for improvement and even those that have been into mind mapping for several years could still benefit from fine-tuning their approaches and efforts. So with this in mind, what follows is a list of tips and pointers from mind mapping experts which if followed can see person’s potential and indeed their enjoyment of the practice increased significantly.
Increase Frequency
First and foremost, mind mapping is just one of an infinite number of activities and techniques where practice makes perfect. It’s all about getting a firm grasp of the basics first and then running with it – the more mind mapping you do, the more you get to know the process inside out and the better the results become. As such, even if you don’t have any specific need to, it’s still a good idea to try and mind map anything and everything on a regular basis. Not to the point where you never want to see one again of course, but if it’s the kind of thing you only find yourself doing once ever blue moon, the secret to building your talents lies in practice.
Expand Ideas
If you always seem to peak at around the same time when mind mapping, never rule out the possibility that it could all be psychological. Roughly translated, if working with an A4 sheet of paper or smaller, you’ll be aware from pretty early on that space is limited and there’s every chance that this will subconsciously prompt you to branch out your ideas less. So, at least once or twice here and there it’s a good idea to up the ante to an A3 sheet as the more space you see in front of yourself to fill, the more likely you are try and fill it with your genius!
When you look at all the wisdom and knowledge that can come out of your own little mind, just think how much  you could come up with if you were to team up with another person. Or for that matter, any number of other persons! Creating mind maps in pairs or groups can get messy, but in other instances it can be revelatory and inspirational.
Compare and Contrast
Last but not least, revisit old subjects from time to time and draw new maps from scratch. Then, take a look at the two so you can compare and contrast what you looked at differently in each instance. This is a great way for you to take note of recurring themes and also note areas than need more of your focus if missed out in either of the maps drawn.