Your Mozilla Firefox is slow? How to effectively increase the speed of navigation

Your Mozilla Firefox is slow due to a number of reasons why it would be garbage in this discussion. Mozilla is one of the best browsers on the Internet world at this time. It sterns from the fact that uniqueness is compatible with various operating systems like Linux, Mac, Windows and many others. You may need to increase the speed of your Mozilla browser sometimes. Follow the settings below to speed Firefox browser.

Start typing "about: config" into the address bar of Mozilla Firefox. That would be taken to a page that asks whether to continue or not. Click "Enter" to be taken to a list of settings and many more. This configuration is almost universal in nature and is the exact configuration used by the majority, regardless of computer speed or connection type. The settings are:

Filter tab, type "network.http.pipelining", then double-click the field network.http.pipelining, then set the value you see there to 'true'. You must set the following value to '8 'by double clicking on the next field that says network.http.pipelining.maxrequests.

Then return to the filter tab and 'hit network.http.proxy.pipeliningand "type ENTER'. He put it to" True "by double-clicking" network.http.proxy.pipelining "field.

Now, right click on any corner or anywhere in the about: config result and simply choose new and whole. Follow up by typing 'content.notify. backoffcount 'then click' OK 'and set the value of '5'.

Then type "network.dns.disableIPv6 'filter tab to see there. Do not forget to set this to' True 'value as well.

Finally, set the "ui.submenuDelay 'with '0'. For this, simply right click anywhere in the about: config result and follow the election of a new whole.

Mozilla is slow, but not completely after this reconfiguration details. That certainly browsing experience faster and better.

There are lots of settings in any browser, due to the nature of their main task, which is helping to collect data across the Internet, but we have discussed above are those that simply help speed up your browser. You do not have to worry about what might have happened to your computer's speed suddenly disappears. May be a result of certain adjustments or settings you need some of the actions you have taken earlier that require repair.

If your Mozilla Firefox is slow after the reconfiguration of certain configurations, it is time to look in the direction of the record. It is true that the record performs many useful tasks. Sometimes more information is collected to process and "confused" in the process. This usually results in savings of some bad data. This kind of confusion usually results in reducing the speed of the whole team because it would be difficult to interpret the actions you are requesting. In trying to correctly "read" what they are asking us to do, the result takes time and this is what causes most of the system's speed has slowed.