Speed ​​up your navigation with markers

What to visit the same sites often? Are you, for example, access your account Web-based email, visit the online forums / networks, blogs visit, etc. on a daily basis?

If so, and you are not using markers to manage their online activities, this article will tell you how to speed up your navigation through the use and management of the markers. If you are already using markers, the article contains useful tips on exporting your bookmarks and save them on a website. This is useful when you are away from your computer - on vacation, for example - and still want to visit the sites you surf regularly.

1. First, the basics

1.1 What is a bookmark?

Bookmark is the term for Netscape / Mozilla for direct access to a website. Internet Explorer called "Favorites". When you bookmark a site, your web browser places a link to it in the "marker" or "Favorites" menu at the top. For the sake of brevity, we will use the term "marker" in the sense bookmark or favorite place in this article.

1.2 Bookmarking a site:

A bookmarking site is the essence of simplicity. When you visit a site you visit regularly, just press Ctrl + D (Press the D key while holding down Ctrl). Depending on your browser, this will add a link to your bookmarks immediately or ask you to confirm that you want to add the site.

1.3 Use of markers:

Markers provide a quick way to visit the sites. Once you bookmark a site, you have to type the URL (address) of the site you visit.

When you visit a site that has set, click the bookmark or menu item selected. You will get a dropdown list of all your bookmarks or the browser will open a new panel / frame with the list of sites. Some browsers add bookmarks on your own, so do not be surprised if you see links to sites that will never marker. Clicking on any of the markers will take you directly to the site.

1.3.1 COUNCIL:

If you use Mozilla Firefox, click the marker to get a context menu that allows you to open the link in a new window or new tab. This way you can continue working in the current window, while the marked site opens in new window / tab.

2. Management Bookmarks

If you mark a large number of sites, the list of favorites can be quite difficult to handle. You may need to manage and organize your bookmarks so you can find them quickly.

Internet Explorer has an "Arrange" button that opens a window with several options, such as "Create New Folder", "Move to Folder", etc. Mozilla Firefox / Netscape have a "Manage Bookmarks" link that opens a window similar to manage your bookmarks.

2.1 What you can do to manage your bookmarks

1. You can create folders containing similar markers. This is useful when you have multiple sites of the same type from the list of bookmarks. For example, you can create a mail folder and store links to Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, etc. You can create a folder to store NETWORKS links to online networks such as Ryze, LinkedIn, Ecademy, etc. You can create a folder to store links FORUMS discussion groups you frequent.

2. You can create separators, lines between the markers, so you can see at a glance favorite groups. This is useful when you have very few markers to be stored in folders, but there are many who will quickly find the desired bookmark.

3. Markers can move up or down the list or in folders. You will have to do this in order to keep the markers to similar sites. To move a bookmark, just click and drag to where you want it, up or down the list.

4. You can change the properties of the marker, as the name or description.

3. Export your Favorites

Both IE and Mozilla Firefox allow you to export your bookmarks to an HTML file that can be stored on your hard disk, diskette or CD. This provides a backup in case you lose your bookmarks (if you have to reformat the hard drive because of a virus, for example). You can import bookmarks from the file at any time.

3. 1 To export your Favorites from Internet Explorer

Go to File -> Import and Export

This will start the Import and Export Wizard, which guides you through the steps to export your favorites. Be sure to save the file to a drive other than C: so it will remain available in case you need to reformat the C: drive.

3.2 To export your bookmarks in Mozilla Firefox / Netscape

Open the Bookmarks Manager window by selecting Bookmarks -> Manage Bookmarks.

Click File -> Export in the Bookmarks Manager window (not the main browser window).

Go to the drive / folder where you want to store the file and click "Save". It is good practice to save the file on a drive other than C: so it is at your disposal in case you have to reformat the C drive

4. Save your bookmarks in the Web

There may be times when you're away from your computer but still need access to your bookmarks. There are many free sites on the net that allow you to store your bookmarks to be available to you no matter where you are.

If you google "Free Bookmark Managers" (with quotes) will have links to dozens of web-based favorite directors that lets you store your bookmarks on their servers. You may have to create an account with them to use the service.

To upload your favorites to your account may be required for export to a file (explained in "3. Export your bookmarks" above). You can then load the file into your account by following the instructions on the site.

What are you waiting for? Start bookmarking sites now and enjoy smooth navigating.