Productivity Add-Ons For Mozilla Firefox Browser on Windows

I recently wrote an important article about Firefox add-ons can be used to help protect your computer against viruses, spyware, trojans and ad-ware and now I want to write about supplements that can increase their productivity through Internet. These supplements can save time while surfing or doing other important things in your computer, and everything is done through Firefox. For those who still use Internet Explorer, I encourage you to give Firefox a chance. Why? It's faster, safer and you can customize how it looks! So, let's go ahead with supplements that can boost your productivity in Firefox.

1. Similar Web

Everyone uses Google to search, but what if you need a particular search - for instance ... If you are looking for a website that is similar to, Flickr. Then you could provide an opportunity similar Web. Similar Web is an add-on that is activated as a Firefox sidebar. What it does is search the web for sites similar to what is found. Therefore, I used the example of Flickr - You could look webshots, snapixel, Photobucket, deviantart or other similar site. This is a great addition to have and can save you much time, instead of using Google to find alternative sites.

2. Sxipper

Sxipper is an add-on similar to Roborm, filling out forms and access information for you. You just put in your information such as name, address, or if you feel safe enough, your credit card information. This way, when you are in a much for filling, for example, online shopping, you can fill the form in a couple of seconds for you. Even a couple of seconds, like a flash, that's how fast it fills in forms. And guess what? It's absolutely free! Where as Roboform a cost of $ 29 for a license. Sxipper has saved me countless hours filling out forms on the Internet!

3. Fast Dial

Fast Dial is a plugin that can open in a new tab may open or homepage. What I like about this plugin is that you can assign your favorite websites to it and click the site to open. It has many features such as adding a folder within the folder that you can add your favorite. It's like your "Bookmarks", except it's there in front of the screen within Firefox! You can also customize the colors or add a background to it.

4. Auto Copy

Copy of car does exactly what it says, copy car (almost all) the text is highlighted. This can be useful when you want to create links - just select the link and voila! The link will automatically copy all you have to do is paste. It's as simple as that! Note: This can not work while using a text editor (such as the editor I'm using for that matter)

5. Fire FTP

No one can think that this can save you time, but this little piece of software (which is in Firefox) is really good, it's free too! Very quick in the opening, resource use and easy to add your host name information and login to access your server. I prefer this in Dreamweaver and Filezilla.

6. IE Tab

Finally, I want to talk about IE Tab. What this does is give you the option to open any website you want, with the engine of Internet Explorer, right inside Firefox! No more wasting precious seconds or minutes, trying to navigate the Internet with Internet Explorer! By IE tab within Firefox makes surfing the web much faster and is easy to activate. Simply click on the Firefox tab, and select "rendering engine of change" and the website will reload with the IE engine, or a Firefox engine again, doing what you did to get the IE engine. This may sound a bit confusing? But once you think you can download better understanding.

7. Jump off the screen

Ok, I promise this is the latest addition to Firefox that are mentioned in this article. However, this is very important as it can save between 30 to 60 seconds of your time. How to do this? Jump off the screen is an add-on that skips unnecessary pages on sites like Rapidshare, Mega Upload, Zshare, Mediafire and more. What you're saying basically is that you can actually skip the countdown page to go directly to the download page or video. See, free websites that offer downloads will make you sit through a countdown, anywhere from 30-60 seconds is typical. Then, once the countdown is done, you can freely download or watch a video. It is very annoying and the screen has to go "nuisance" on the website. I recommend it to anyone who makes a lot of downloading or watching online.