Mozilla Minefield Web browser is making a big bang

We've been hearing about this Mozilla Minefield for quite some time and really make a big buzz in the incredible speed of this browser. Currently the mine field is still in its early stages and tests are underway to detect and correct errors. But despite the danger that messages, like real landmines to explode with a single false move, one thing is certain, it is really fast!

I had the opportunity to prove myself and the difference is overwhelming compared to Firefox. Rumors say that Minefield is 10% faster than Google Chrome, which I hardly doubt due to a difference really impressive.

It's all thanks to its advanced Javascript engine is, again, rumored to be the framework for the Mozilla Firefox 3. Probably 2 or version 4.0.

How about errors and corrections?

As I said, is still under development and there are plenty of instability that could experience here and there. And with that being said, Mozilla sites dedicated to all alpha testers to assist in making the minefields as the best Calculus, Bugzilla, QMO, Mozilla, and others. But so far, the most popular plugins (which is less active) are working fine. But it's too good to be true, so I'm hoping will get worse soon.

There is still a long way to go before Mozilla Minefield, but in quite a short space of time has been a positive day for me, considering it is still a work in progress.

Kris Mainieri is an accomplished Computer Tech focusing on innovative and unique ways to help people take their computing performance to a whole new level free.