Mozilla Minefield Review - A Look into the future of web browsing

If you love your Mozilla Firefox 4, the Mozilla Minefield sure to do wonders for you. In a review of Mozilla Minefield in, which is said to be "the fastest browser on earth." Minefield is known to be clandestine beta of Firefox, which explains the name of the explosion. The browser is a 64-bit version of Firefox, but with the improvement and development both in the program, including the consistency and speed.

As another review by Mozilla Minefield, the browser has a score of 89/100 for Acid3 test for compatibility, while the latest version of Firefox has a 71. While most plug-ins and extensions are still incompatible with Firefox Minefield, the alpha version definitely shows great promise for the development of Firefox. At this stage, Mozilla Minefield is still not completely stable in comparison with other browsers, but constant clearance can allow the software to go very fast. It is also true that no error with your existing Firefox, due to the separate installation.

The Javascript engine alpha version is said to be faster in the market to date. Like Mozilla Minefield what any review says, this is more reliable software on the Mac platform Firefox. While the lack of plug-ins can be a disappointment minefield is proud to overcome Chrome and Firefox on test drives. If you are in the walk, or just tired of waiting for your browser to turn to different web pages, the browser is worth a try.

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