Mozilla Firefox - The Best Internet Browser

 Many people do not realize they have a choice when it comes to choosing an Internet browser, but they do. The fact is that the best web browser is probably the one that comes pre-installed on your PC. In this article, I'll tell you why.

When you buy a laptop, usually gets a lot of bundled software. The first piece of software that you see in any new machine is the operating system itself. For most of you, this will be Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7, the latest Microsoft operating system. This operating system software is the "director" on your computer, allowing everything to work properly.

As you can see, all the operating systems mentioned above are made by Microsoft. So what software is actually used when surfing the Internet?

Well, a large percentage of using Microsoft Internet Explorer, which usually comes with your computer. In fact, some competitors were using names like "monopoloy" when referring to how other Microsoft packages its software to go with all new equipment.

Because it is the only web browser available immediately in many of the latest best selling laptops, many consumers do not realize they have a choice.

But when it comes to using a web browser to surf the Internet, there are options beyond Internet Explorer from Microsoft and you may prefer other browsers to be pre-installed on your machine.

In fact, Internet Explorer that comes with your most valued netbook has not been recognized as the market leader. Another product called Mozilla Firefox.

For those who know they have a choice when it comes to a product-based browser, Mozilla Firefox has become the overwhelming choice, as it simply performs better.

What is it that most people crave in a web browser? The answer is speed. In speed tests, Firefox has proven to be much faster than its counterpart from Microsoft and this alone will often convince people to switch to Firefox.

However, there are many other things that the speed that people love Firefox. You hear a confusing term extensibility called, who is also loved by the technical people and end users alike. This essentially means that you can easily add things that Firefox meets your needs. For example, I have a Spanish dictionary plug-in that I love.

Therefore, when it comes to the best web browser pre-installed is not always best. Give Mozilla Firefox a try and can be reserved for a very pleasant surprise.