Free Fast Web Browsers - Mozilla Firefox 3.6

Are you tired of using web browsers to use a slow and fast web browser for free. The good news is, you can find web browsers and downloaded in minutes. Here are the tips on how to find free browser, fast web, especially the Mozilla Firefox 3.6

Tips 1: Download from the safe and reliable source.

There are several versions of Mozilla Firefox before, during recent years. The first time I stumbled upon Mozilla Firefox is back in 2007 at the time was known as Firefox 2.

You can download Firefox 3.6 from its original source on the website of the Mozilla Foundation. Click the yellow button that displays the Firefox logo and size of installation file. I recommended to put the installation file on your desktop for easy section of the "double installation process, click '.

Another safe and reliable source you can use is and

Tips # 2: Install the setup file on your desktop section.

The download process should take 7-12 minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection. You do not have to pay to download the browser. You do not have to buy software in a store either.

When finished, double-click the installation file has an icon of a box and a compact disc on the front. Close to another program on your computer before installing to ensure a smooth installation process.

Tip # 3: Customize settings for speed.

To enjoy fast Web browsing, you have to make some adjustments. Go to the section of the taskbar, click the Tools, click the option to wait for the configuration dialog to appear.

Go to privacy settings, put your story in zero Firefox does not install any record of the history automatically. This configuration allows for quick navigation.

When you download any digital file from the Internet via Mozilla Firefox, delete all files in the download history. Carry a list of all items downloaded here browsing speed slows. To clean the Firefox download history, click Tools, go to the download bar, click the Clear List button.

Go to the Advanced tab (Tools - Options - Advanced - Update) to disable the button that shows search engine update, Firefox and accessories. This task is automatic, it means that it is in the background that feeds on the internet. You can do it manually later.