FireFox keeps crashing - How to stop Mozilla Firefox Crashes For Good

Mozilla Firefox, the leading browser has its advantages and disadvantages. It is known as one of the most stable and powerful browser available today. Millions of users log on and use this software. However, it also causes inconvenience when you lock the computer system. This is quite a regular occurrence and can be very frustrating. The only way to solve this is to know how to fix it. There is a simple method you can take to fix things when Firefox crashes. In this way, you can be prepared to fix the error.

What are Firefox crashes?

When Firefox crashes, it could be caused by several reasons. The common cause of this evil is a set of values ​​that prevent the application to run properly. If there are problems with plugins, or if there are errors in the registry, then Firefox will also most likely will crash. Typically, a message appears on the screen that says Firefox important files might be corrupted, damaged or deleted. If Windows settings have somehow been changed, these errors occur. Any of these problems could be the cause of the accident, or could even be a combination of these problems. The best thing to do is follow the steps below to fix the problem.

How to fix crashes FireFox

The first step is to restart the computer. This will often fix things if failures are not as severe. Firefox, a browser leader, is not easily damaged. Often, small problems or issues can be dealt with simply upgrade the system or restart the PC. Once the configuration files and options have been updated, the problem will fix itself. When the computer starts again, see if Firefox is working properly.

If it still fails, reinstall the program. Thus, the team will be better able to process the necessary files and can be rearranged mixing ancient values ​​that could be causing the problem. To uninstall Firefox, go to Control Panel and select the Add / Remove Programs. Select "Firefox" and uninstall it. Choose Delete instead of "repair" when the application starts loading. Follow the steps that will monitor and restarting the computer. The next, with accessories, users enjoy much of their use and customize them, but although these are all very well, but also cause Firefox to crash if used too. To fix this problem, remove the installed plugins. Thus, the dysfunctional supplements can be removed and the cause of accidents can be located.

If this fails, then the problem might be rooted in the record. This database has all the settings, files and options used in the system continuously running applications. Often, the files stored here are damaged or corrupted, and this is reflected in the accidents that occur. The crash of Firefox can be traced to a file that is not working properly in the record. The recommended tool to repair and prevent this from happening again is the Frontline Registry Cleaner. Download it and Firefox crashes will be repaired for you.

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