Dofollow and nofollow Link Buildin

Dofollow links means you do not have nofollow attribute. Recognized as one vote and the link will be crawled by search engines. If the link is dofollow, the page rank of the website may be transferred to your site. Links with nofollow links are less likely to be tracked. Do not follow simply means that the webmaster does not want anything to do with the link.

Dofollow and nofollow attributes are originally created by Google to reduce the amount of spam in the blog community. Before it took place, many people like to leave their links in the body comment to comment on blog entries. The amount of spam is so overwhelming that causes problems for the blog moderator. Google has created the conditions dofollow / nofollow to the moderators do not have to worry about the links on your page that goes to websites.

Since the implementation of nofollow, the amount of spam comments has been greatly reduced. To determine whether a site is dofollow, simply right click on the link. When the right click menu appears, you must select Properties. If the Properties dialog box new_window State opens a new window or dofollow, indicates that it is a dofollow site. If nofollow nofollow or external states, which means that it is nofollow. Another more accurate method is to install the Mozilla Firefox addon NoDoFollow. The Mozilla Firefox will highlight NoDofollow add dofollow and nofollow the link color separately.

For maximum benefit, make sure you send a dofollow site. If you send a nofollow site, your backlink will not be indexed. If the backlink is not indexed, not be counted as a vote for your site. Therefore, it is important that your link is dofollow as it does the indexing by search engines.