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Latest Update 9/29/2011 - Latest Version 7.0.1

Access Firefox?

To sum it up, we provide:
  • Accessibility tools and resources for Firefox end users with disabilities (primarily visual impairments)
  • Firefox introductory materials for those new to Firefox, or curious about it
  • Firefox tips and guides for all Firefox users (from beginners to power users)
Learn more about why Access Firefox was created and who's behind it on the About AFx page.

Firefox Accessibility Features
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View a listing of some of the fantastic accessibility features that comes preinstalled with Firefox that will allow you to further customize the way that web pages are presented to you.

Firefox Accessibility Extensions
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Browse through our selection of the best Firefox accessibility extensions. There are some great Firefox accessibility extensions that can do amazing things such as read a web page to you or allow you to fully manipulate a web page's appearance to meet your needs.

Firefox Accessibility Themes
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View our listing of Firefox accessibility themes. Themes are skins that change the appearance of Firefox. The themes that we display are very helpful for persons with visual impairments. There are high and low contrast themes, and themes with extra large icons and buttons and with large bold text.